We are proud to introduce our main services

Spa beauty treatments

Body exfoliation + moisturising
Sea salt exfoliation skin restoration 30 min / 39€
A refreshing sea salt exfoliation for the body. The extracts contained in the sea salt peel effectively remove dead skin cells, and the skin is left soft and smooth.

Sugar exfoliation for dry and sensitive skin 30 min / 39€
The honey extracts in the exfoliation cream remove dead skin cells, while keeping the skin moisturised.

Coffee exfoliation 30 min / 39€
A stimulating coffee exfoliation using coffee extracts which refreshes the body and mind

Spa pedicure 45 min / 55€
A heavenly and holistic treatment for tired feet. The treatment includes a
foot massage.

Spa manicure 45 min / 55€
A luxurious and holistic hand treatment including a hand massage and full manicure

Purifying facial 60 min / 65€
The aromatherapy facial and gentle facial treatment is suitable for all skin types but is specially recommended for normal to greasy skin. Come away with fresh and clean skin.

Hydrating facial 60 min / 65€
This spa facial treatment is revitalising and moisturising. The treatment is particularly recommended for dry and ageing skin.

Each facial treatment includes a soothing head and shoulder massage.