We are proud to introduce our main services

Body massages

Touch of Siam massage 60min / 85€ or 90min / 122€

Amazing traditional Thai massage to improve blood circulation, relax tight muscles and relieve stress. The muscles are deeply massaged and stretched with the massage therapist using their palms, elbows, arms and knees. You will come away with the feeling of having been stretched, light and energetic and full of well-being.

Touch of Helsinki massage 60min / 85€ or 90min / 122€
A combination of classic Thai and Finish massage techniques to soothe all those aches, unblock stiffness and enhance flexibility. This massage is our most popular treatment.

Balinese massage 60min / 85€ or 90min / 122€
Balinese massage focuses on the deep muscles. This traditional Asian massage method relieves stress, pain and tension throughout the whole body.

Aromatherapy massage 60min / 85€ or 90min / 122€
This is a relaxing massage and suits tired and worn-out bodies. The calming massage soothes tense muscles using warm oil.

Hot stone massage 60min / 89€ or 90min /129€
An effective relaxing massage performed using heated basalt stones and aroma oil blends. Massaging with warm stones opens blocks in your muscles, relieves pain and relaxes you.

Green oriental-inspired massage (signature massage) 120min / 149€
Our signature massage created exclusively for Green Oriental Spa. This massage technique is true to its name. Thus, our therapists delight in providing stimulating and healing massage treatment which combines Eastern and Western methods. Friendly and caring, our massage therapists’ wealth of knowledge and experience means they will guide you well through your treatment.

Synchronise 60 min / 119€ or 90min /149€
In a four-handed massage, two therapists work on one client, often using synchronised moves. The hands of two therapists treat the body simultaneously using a combination of different massage techniques. This is a super-relaxing massage and is an excellent way to relieve your stress, calm your mind and move you into a deep state of relaxation.

All treatments include the use of an atmospheric sauna both before and after the treatment.

Massage series card

Massages on the spot:
5 x 30 min = 245€
10 x 30 min = 482€
5 x 45 min = 331€
10 x 45 min = 649€
Full body massages:
5 x 60 min = 396€
10 x 60 min = 782€
5 x 90 min = 576€
10 x 90 min = 1,139€
Hot stone massage: 
5 x 60 min =425€
10 x 60 min = 818€
5 x 90 min = 617€
10 x 90 min = 1,195€
Green orientals -inspired massage 120 min (Signature massage) 120 min 149€
5 x 120 min = 715€
10 x 120 min =1,390€

Serial cards are valid for 1 year from the date of purchase.