About us

Green Oriental Spa

offers a traditional Asian spa in a clean and relaxing environment. Our experienced massage therapists have received expert training from a well-known spa academy in Thailand, and have worked in five-star hotels in Asia and Europe. Friendly and caring, their wealth of knowledge and experience means they will guide you through the choice of treatments and look after you impeccably.

Cozy Oriental Tea

Nature odor from tea giving relaxing scenery. The smell gives you a gentle touch with nature and peace. Refreshing with clean soul. Suitable for workplace and spa area. All ages will love this scent.


Japanese Rice Milk

Best seller of all time. Real sweet rice milk scent that will give you perfect pleasing vibes. Enhance your sleep and reduce your stress.


Orange Lemongrass

Essential Thai herb scent. Cool down your body in a hot day with cool refreshing scent. Repel bugs and reduce unwanted smell. We add orange to drop lemon grass’s strong smell. Comforting your mind with a clear cool unique smell.